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It's post Valentine's Day but it doesn't mean the romance stop there. No. no. no. We have some of the Best Dating Shows on UK TV with plenty.
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Once a contestant has been booted off, the power goes to the women for a week, and they then get to decide who they wanna be with. But, it wouldn't really be a reality dating show without the odd surprise here and there. And, those surprises come in the form of fresh additions to the island. New contestants get added into the mix, which of course, brings drama in abundance.


The UK’s Reality Dating Shows, Ranked by Queerness

The aim of the game is, of course, to couple up. But you'll also have to do a convincing enough job that the public feels inclined to vote to keep you on the island. The promise of eternal love and partnership isn't the only thing keeping these people trapped inside a villa in the middle of Mallorca.

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The Hideaway is officially open for For first-time-viewers, one of the oddest things to get your head around is the fact that "couples" have to share a bed, even on their very first night in the house when they've literally just met. And, yes, you do get to see what the contestants are getting up to once the lights go out.

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Let's just say, they're not holding hands under the covers. As with IRL dating, some of the matches decide they're not as into each other as they first expected to be. Some end up fancying other contestants who also happen to be coupled up with other people. Tears are shed, hearts are broken.

It's really rather dramatic, to be honest. But, what makes this show so truly watchable is just how relatable the contestants' experiences are. It's like watching a sped-up version of your love life unfolding on the screen before you.

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Some contestants—like Samira and Alex on the current season—keep finding themselves not getting picked by the people they like much to the outrage of the general public. And, Alex's very relatable struggles with his nerves and confidence make for very endearing viewing. We are all Alex, really! Alex giving himself that pep talk!

The Great British Bake Off is a far gentler breed of reality TV that puts heart and sweetness above drama and hook-ups. Between ten and twelve amateur bakers are chosen to compete for the title of "Britain's Best Baker. If you don't cry during the winner's to-camera speech in the finale, you're made of stone.

2. Street Mate

The subject matter may sound dull, but it was Britain's most watched show of It has many international fans, too. Sue Perkins, Mel Giedroyc. Come Dine With Me is subtle in its savagery. The premise is simple enough: Seems like it would be perfectly pleasant, no?

9 of the best dating shows in British TV history

It isn't - huge amounts of alcohol are consumed, claws come out, and tactical scoring ensues. Almost every episode contains an abrupt heel turn from a disgruntled diner, too. A group of attractive people go to an island under the assumption that they're being sent to find love.

But once they arrive, they're confronted by their exes - who enter, in truly spectacular fashion, from the sea.

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Nonstop conflicts and furtive hook-ups ensue.